Social media is a very strong vital tool in the world today, because technology is taking over
the globe.

These days you are more likely to market and sell your goods even without having a shop or taking them to the market yet you archive more customers and sell more online.
There are some social media platform you need to to use more in other for your business to
go viral.

I call these platform a social tools for excess sales and they are listed below:

1. Pinterest: Pinterest is a great tool for marketing/advertising online, it also one of the best advertising platforms you can use to sell your market online, this app is a must have on your phone so as for you to match the biggest sales.

Pinterest gives you the option to promote your goods and services with their promoted pin and you can send your demographic of middleto-upper-class women.

2. Twitter: my one best channel for advertising just like Facebook, when you are talking about
the largest populated online platform you must mention twitter because one of the best ads on
Twitter promoted tweets.

You can also boost tweet organically on higher users feeds for your
business to reach more people. Twitter gives you the best opportunity to promote your business
by placing a paid ads.

3. Linkedin: LinkedIn is the great platform that helps place your business upfront in other to reach more potential people/customer.

Incase you don’t know about Linkedin ads please know it now that it is one of the best because once you place your advert it helps you target the best people that you want and bet me you won’t regret it instead you gain more benefits and that means your money isn’t a waste.

If you are creating an ad, make sure you customize it based on the audience you want to target, do not forget to state the factors correctly: where it’s shown, what happens when someone clicks on it and how many times it will show.
Linkedin has a lot of campaign options to help customize your product and services.

Sometimes you might not know how or where to start when using Linkedin especially for the first
time, but don’t worry because there lots of guide to help you in LinkedIn Ads so that you can
create an effective campaign from scratch.

In linkedin Ads You can use Sponsored, text ads, a mix of all four, Content, Message Ads or Dynamic Ads.

The sponsored Content goes directly to the LinkedIn feed of professions you want to reach and this comes in three dimension formats: video ads, single image ads and carousel ads.

We often underrated LinkedIn Ads but it’s a great tool for advertising resources.

4. Tiktok: TikTok Advertisement are best done with video it is the newest platform yet very reliable. It possesses lots of options for advertisement.

Tiktok Advertisement differs from other advertising platforms because it carries top video creation features which has made TikTok very popular and it is easy to use. Any brand can create his or her own product content that viewers may like to buy or share. it can be a product demo to an influencer campaign.

Tiktok advertisement is powered by (SFVA) which means short form video, this give opportunity for a brand to create different variety of video using the same tools used by users.

To use tikTok For your Business tool for marketers to advertise make sure you know how to strategies because the platform gives marketer chances of creating with all the available options ranging from creating: Analyzing a campaign data, setting budgets, reaching target audiences.

5. Instagram: Instagram Ads Works wonders when it comes to reaching more people but it uses Facebook’s advertising system, which is the most powerful because of its targeting ability.

You have an option to target the particular audience’s you want using location, interests, behaviors and demographics.

6. Facebook: Facebook Advertisement is a self-serve platform which gives opportunity to advertisers to create advertisement on Facebook and also show the advert to the targeted people.

User can be able to create advertisement from scratch using existing video or image to place advert through Facebook advertising manager, you can also use Facebook built-in tools to target your audiences with demographics like gender, location and age, not excluding interests and other related factors.

Facebook is outstanding platform to reach large number of people/audiences. Facebook advertisement has it format which includes sponsored posts and banner ads.

7. Google ad: Google ad is one best platform for advertising your business or whatever you want
people to know about. Google is too large and we have billions of people using it to market their
product and service.

Google advertising platform gives you the opportunity to advertisers and show goods on
Google,With the help of Google Ad advertisers can create keywords, track their performance,
write ads and set campaign.

Don’t be surprised that google Ads is on the top list of the social media platform for advertising. Google ad displays (PPC ) at the top of the Google search ads.

Google is the one Best largest search engine that can enhance your Business.