Duro Meseko, the APC’s deputy national publicity secretary, has urged Nigerians to have faith in President Bola Tinubu’s abilities to improve the social and economic situation of the nation.

Meseko reminded Nigerians that they can rely on President Tinubu to keep his electoral pledges at an interactive session with journalists on Monday in Lokoja.

He referred to Tinubu as “an experienced politician, businessman, and public administrator” and cited his accomplishments as governor of Lagos as well as what he had begun doing during his first 100 days in office as president of Nigeria.

“Give him credit when you talk about imaginative leadership. tell what he has accomplished in a little over 100 days in office; even his harshest detractors can tell that he means business.

Nigerians should expect a new beginning in all sectors, notably in the areas of health, education, and power, as well as the protection of human rights. Under the leadership of President Tinubu, infrastructures would be transformed and a new Nigeria will be born.

He also added that President Tinubu is a brillant person, a great listener, a father figure and he believes in the rue of law.