Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential nominee for the 2023 election, has encouraged Nigerians to be ready to bring the nation back from a state of uncertainty to one of shared safety.

In his message for Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Day, delivered on Saturday, the former vice president said that the nation is currently experiencing a turning point in many areas of its life.

According to him, Nigeria’s political independence came about 63 years ago on the promise of great prosperity and the idea of social fairness.

In honoring the pledges of shared prosperity and social fairness, Atiku said, “As a nation, we have continued to battle to realize the dreams of our founding fathers.

Atiku claims that the nation’s celebration of a brighter future is inspired by the skills and tenacity of young Nigerians who have persevered in their country and refused to give up.

We must be ready to do our best to bring the nation back from this point of uncertainty to a place of shared safety while I enjoin us all to surrender our strengths in confidence to the Almighty God.