In case you don’t know, Godson Chukwuebuka Eze is a Nigerian comedian whose stage name is called Agent Of Laughter.

He is from Imo state, the south Eastern part of Nigeria which makes him an original Igbo man. He is apparently one of the upcoming comedian who is doing very well for himself.

Agent of laughter whose real name is Godson Chukwuebuka Eze was born on December 22nd 1998 ( zodiac sign ) into a Christian family of Mr and Mrs Eze and at the time of writing this article the young comedian is 25 years of Age and currently lives in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Godson Chukwuebuka Eze has just rounded up his Bachelor’s degree from the Federal University Of Technology owerri, imo state Nigeria (FUTO ).

He has consistently been making comedy videos on social media since 2016 till date and has featured lots of other celebrities like; Crispdal, Samskid, poco lee and many others.

His publicity started growing as a result of his viral videos on social media, most especially TikTok. His videos are always creative, unique and completely original. He is really good in his craft and entirely in the comedy business.

The Young talented Nigerian comedian is single, never been married to anyone before and he is yet to show off who his woman really is at the moment.

He has lots of friends who have always been there from the beginning of his career till now. On TikTok, Agent Of Laughter is very popular and has gained more than 55.1million Likes and 5.9million followers, 3.3 million followers on Facebook, 653k followers on Instagram and 77.7k subscribers on YouTube as of the time of writing this article.

Godson Chukwuebuka Eze said that before choosing what name to answer, he did some very good thinking which helped him come about the name Agent of laughter because making people laugh is his priority.

Sometimes ago in an interview, Godson Chukwuebuka Eze spoke on the comedians that really inspired him so much. Godson Chukwuebuka Eze, professionally known as Agent of ​Laughter said that through his comedy journey in the industry, comedian Klintoncod and twyse_116 were really a bag of inspiration to him that whenever he watches their comedies, he would look at himself and tell himself that he will get there soon.

He acknowledged two cocomedians; twyse_116 and Klintoncod ​as his source of inspiration to his career.

At the interview, Godson Chukwuebuka Eze Added When he was starting up his career, these comedians inspired him, twyse_116 and Klintoncod. With The video quality that twyse_116 was uploading, they are so good like the video quality was something magical and that was one reason why I was inspired by him.

The talented comedian talked about the changes he would love to see in the comedy industry in years to come. He said that the comedy industry and the industry at large is filled with pride and ego that once a comedian blows up,​ he would never want to carry other comedians that are under his league along except he is to benefit something positive at the end. That is the only reason that will make them feel like engaging the upcoming comedians.

He said that though some comedians are very good in helping other comedian below them grow.

The comedian said that he started his comedy career when he entered the university during his first year in school but he was never serious about it as he was just doing it ​for fun and cruising at that time till he had the opportunity to feature in a big comedy skit with the Xploit comedy team then followed by Broda shaggy.

With the little exposure he got after the experience made him take comedy job seriously so as for him to gain more exposure, fame and a beautiful lifestyle.​