Brain Jotter is a Nigerian comedian who has won the people’s heart with his unique Sense of comic performance. Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Amuzie is his real name while his stage name is Brain Jotter. He is a skilled talented scriptwriter, comedian, an online content producer and Actor.

He started as an online comedian till he became very popular and started gracing lots of comedy shows around the country.

He was born on February 5th 1995 in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. He was born into the Amuzie family in Imo State.

Brain Jotter left Nigeria to Ghana in search of a greener pasture. He is also very good at speaking different languages like: Yoruba, English,Igbo , French and Swahili etc.

Brain Jotter schooled his primary and secondary education in Imo State before gaining admission in the university of Lagos to study Business Administration and also he studied in Ghana.

His career began as an Instagram online comic performer with a unique character which got him numerous comedy shows across the nation. His two hilarious videos No Stress and I Dont Care, got him lots of likes and comments on Instagram.

The video which he featured masterlee was a very unique one that it went viral in lots of social media sites, which got him noticed by the public and also added to his publicity in Nigerian. The comedian is a single bachelor, yet to be married.

Brain jotter is a gifted young comedy entertainer whose interest is to breakthrough and achieve success in life. Brain Jotter has generated lots of funds from YouTube which is the main way of earning on social media. However, each time he uploads a new skit video, he receives funds from YouTube.

Everybody knows that YouTube rewards its users for submitting content. YouTube also places advertisements within the videos and users are paid whenever these ads are clicked on. It was said that brain jotter’s videos have gotten over 100 million views on YouTube.

Brain Jotter also generates income through Endorsement Deals in each product or service he advertises on. He is paid handsomely whenever he showcases any product or service for individuals or organizations. Brain Jotter charges $1 million for endorsement deals based on his social media comic skits.

Brain Jotter has secured over 18 endorsement deals since he came into limelight. He has been able to feature other comedians like, oluwadollarz, Ifeoluwa adegoke, Viper The Wiper, Romeo WJ, Mr Funny (Oga Sabinus), Non miraj(Ada Jesus) Ayomidate, Mr macaroni, Master Lee, Sydney talker, Don jazzy, chief John Bosco, Lazarus Miriam known as pinkieletie and lots more in his skits.

Brain jotter has over 2.5million followers on his Instagram, 2.6 million followers on his Facebook page and just few weeks ago The Popular skit-maker, Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Amuzie who is also known as Brain Jotter celebrated hitting one million subscribers on his YouTube account and and also shows off his newly acquired mansion which he got for himself.

He shared photos of himself standing in front of the new house and holding the plaque and expressed gratitude for the double blessings. The unique creative content creator went online to flaunt the reward he received from his video streaming app for hitting a million subscribers like every other Nigerian comedian who has paved way for themselves.

Brain Jotter has also fought to be successful with his career in the industry. He loves cars and had bought a luxurious car for himself, a brand new Ford Kuga last year which is worth millions of naira. He personally shared it on his Instagram channel. Ford Jeeps are efficient, versatile and capable, The Jeep is very spacious with a very strong engine that is durable and reliable.