Carter Efe whose real name is Oderhohwo Joseph Efe is an African Nigerian online content creator and musician born on 29th September 1995. As at the time of writing this article, the young comedian is 28 years old.

He was born in Ughelli Warri, Delta State Nigeria into the family of Mr and Mrs Efe. He attended primary and secondary school in Delta State and obtaining his bachelor’s degree at Delta State University Abraka (DELSU) Nigeria.

Carter Efe is one of the online comedian who has made name for themselves on the internet and his viral video has helped him gain wide range of publicity, though he started as a comedian in which he make skits and posts on social media from where he gained publicity but later on he came into limelight when he began his musical career yet as a comedian.

He still makes skits and posts on social media from which is where he gained a little recognition but later on he became viral when he released his single music “Machala” with Berri Tiga in year 2020 which added more life and value to his career.

Carter Efe has other songs which are; Ikebe Super (feat. Ceeza Milli) Ololade Mi Carter (feat. Funny Muller). Carter Efe is currently in a relationship with a girl called Nuella.

He became more famous After stirring in numerous comedies video and dance with other popular influencers, content creators and comedians.

His skit is always based on Naked i.e he doesn’t wear his shirt while acting or creating his content.

Since year 2018 Carter Efe has been posting his short videos on social media platforms. He has also collaborated with Sydney Talker, Gentuu, Don jazzy and other influential celebrity artists.

After the released of his single song called Machala featuring Berri Tiga, the machala song became No.1 on Apple Nigeria on July 30th 2022 which added more value and popularity to him.

As his video started going viral, Carter Efe achieved lots of fans and followers on social media. The song took thousands of visitors to his social media page. Carter Efe is very active on social media with over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, 904k Facebook followers and 46.3k YouTube subscribers. As you can see he has gathered much followers on all his social media platforms.

With confidence, his viral hit song “Machala” happened to top the Nigerian Apple Music Charts just 24 hours of its release which means that Carter Efe has more to offer when it comes to entertainment.

Carter Efe currently charges 100,000 per appearance and 500,000 thousand naira per advert video for brands. Carter Efe became one of the top trending star on 8th November 2021 as he purchased a Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class 2017 Red which he shared himself dancing in a video on his page with much happiness celebrating his car worth 25 Million.

The brand new car however happens to be the first car he bought. The Nigerian popular skit maker and social media influencer Carter Efe has between $100.000 to $500.000 estimated net worth in 2023.

NOTE: In life people try as much as possible to break through no matter what life throws at them, no matter what their background looks like, they fight to make sure they become the very successful persons they have always dreamt of becoming.

Everyone is created with an inborn gift or talent inside them and a lot of people have succeeded through their talents and Carter Efe happens to be one of them. The industry is very large that it can contain everyone who wishes to succeed just like Carter.