Crown Uzama is a Nigerian hip-hop singer popularly known as Shallipopi as his stage name implies.

He was born on 4th December 2000. He is a very popular renounced rising singer in the music industry. He is from benin city Edo State, eastern part of Nigeria and he now currently based in lagos state Nigeria.

Shallipopi is a very popular TikTok user who is very good with his craft.

Shallipopi became a celebrated artist in the Nigerian music industry at a very young age. After realizing his passion for music, he decided to venture into music business that he started writing, composing and performing his own music trying so hard to nuture his musical abilities.

The 23 years old young artist is actually doing great for himself even without being signed into any Record Label.

He became very famous not just on TikTok but also in music industry and other social media platforms and has built up a wide rage of fanbase with his unique dance moves and intresting videos.

His single song “Elon Musk” was released on march 14th 2023. The song and sound was a hit that it has been one of the most used sound on social media platforms.

His love for music pushed him into creating music from a very young age and he started with freestyle on TikTok and other social media sites.

In his career journey as an independent singer, the ride was very rough that he has to struggle to get money to fund the promotion and production of his music “Elon musk” .

After the release of the song he was charged for copyright and the case forced him to take down the song because the beat happened not to be his original beat yet he went back re-record the song and upload it to all social media platforms.

This hit song pushed him so fast to fame because of the upbeat pace and the well arranged chorus. Shallipopi’s other songs you might not know or have not heard includes; sharpiru, power, gra gra, shaka, wait and so on.

Music business has taken over Shallipopi and he is working towards achieving another album which will be dropping soon. For now he has not been signed to any music record label but his consistency and unique sound and melodious lyrics have helped him gain followers both internationally and in Nigeria.

He is actually an interesting fast rising talented musician to look out for in 2023 and even years to come. Shallipopi have succeeded in developing his followers on social media to add more relevance to his music career.

TikTok and Instagram is where he uploads his songs and interact with his fans more. He has gained 650k followers on Instagram, 468k followers on TikTok, 33k followers on Facebook and 12.7k subscribers on YouTube.

The Plutomanian citizens is the name he calls his supporters who are devoted in advancing his career. His networth is projected to be around $100,000 as of 2023 and as time flys his networth is possible to keep rising in future. It is very possible for his networth to keep rising depending on how far his fame and success in music industry goes.

He is really swifting into the top rising Nigerias hip-hop musicians and we pray to see what Shallipopis future holds for him and his outstanding fans. He recently posted a picture of him and cubana chief priest, a well known business man in Nigeria gracing an event together on his Instagram and Facebook page.

In a nutshell, Shallipopi is apparently one of the fast rising talented artists in Nigerian music world who is very intelligent and very good for his distinct aesthetic and catchy creativity.