The food we consume everyday play a significant role in determining our health. Our diet can either nourish our body and make us disease- resistant or harm our organs and lead to sickness.

Many of the food we consume are processed and heated which can lead to the degradation of enzymes.

Here are some of the unhealthy foods to avoid:

1. Smoked Foods : Examples like smoked fish and pork are being prepared with burning wood, which releases Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons into the food

2. Frozen Chickens : Imported frozen chickens are preserved with formalin that can lead to cancer and kidney damage. Frozen chickens are not good for our health.

3. Skin & Hides : Animal skins and hide are sometimes consumed as a  meat substitute and therefore it is unhealthy for us to consume. Most of this illness ravaging our society are sometimes caused by the food we eat without knowing the side effects

4. Coca- cola : Coca – cola is high in sugar and excessive sugar can strain the pancreas, skin aging, diabetes, cancer, dehydration, heart diseases, acne, Cardiovascular disease.

5. Junk foods: Examples include; doughnuts, cakes, cereals, and bread. Some of this contains additives that can risk our health such as obesity, high blood pressure etc.


To maintain good health we should be aware of the things we consume into our system. A balanced diet with a focus on fresh, whole foods is generally a healthier choice.