Well known Nigerian singer and songwriter whose name is Lanre Dabiri also known as Eldee, has just recently affirm that it was his Father who first brought the internet to the country Nigeria.

The musician who turned to a realtor (Real Estate Agent) made the affirm in a current interview he had with the media personality, JOI. He bodly mentioned that his father was literally the reason for the establishment of cybercafes and technology companies at that time in the country.

The singer Eldee is now currently based in the United States of America with his entire household. He said that he studied architecture at the university, so he inherited the ICT knowledge from his biological father.

Singer and songwriter Eldee has said that his biological father was the very first person who brought the internet to the Country Nigeria.

He said that his Dad set up so much everyone; all the organization that firstly existed, all the initial cybercafés that you know. All of those businesses came through his biological father.

He said that his father was an IT guy and that is why it is normal, easy and natural for him to be able to flow with things that has to do with IT even though he studied architecture in the university.

Also, he has currently said that seeing other singers and musicians like Davido, Wizkid and other most recent Afrobeats artiste excel and be known globally is a thing of joy and pride to him personally.

The popular singer has stated in the most recent interview he had with Hip TV, that he whenever he sees other singers, feels like a father watching his children become successful in life.

Just like singer Eldee said, he is super excited to see the waves that the recent musicians of Nigerian are making in Nigeria and globally.

Not to forget when he talked about a current trip with his family to five European Countries and how he noticed that Afrobeats music is making tremendous impact in white Countries.

Singer Eldee has said that as a Father, nothing gives him more joy than to see and watch afrobeats singers grow in various aspects of life and become successful.