Hyacinth Alia, the governor of Benue State, has announced the renewal of the bonding agreement for the college of health sciences at Benue State University.

Alia made the declaration on Monday at the college in Makurdi’s 9th Professional Induction and Admission Ceremony for the graduating doctors of 2023.

According to the revised bonding agreement, the state government is committed to giving all medical students at the university a monthly allowance of 103,00 till they graduate.

However, there is a requirement that they serve the state for a minimum of two years before choosing their subsequent engagements.

The bonding arrangement was initially established under Gabriel Suswam’s administration but was abandoned under Samuel Ortom.

Graduating students left the state in droves in search of better chances elsewhere as a result of this discontinuance.

As he made the announcement, Governor Alia urged Benue medical professionals who had left the state in quest of better possibilities to come back, promising them increased opportunities there. He stressed his dedication to assisting the publicly funded university and attaining the definite goals outlined in his administration’s policy pronouncements.

He praised the wisdom and commitment of the Medical School’s founders and personnel and recognized their tenacity in overcoming several obstacles to bring the institution from its inception to its current level.

Governor Alia applauded the school’s medical graduates for their outstanding contributions to the global healthcare industry.

He declared a 150-student increase in the MBBS admission quota, attributing this to the university’s excellent medical facilities and its reputation for producing top-notch physicians.