MODEL: Model can be simply defined as a representing body of a structure or a company
modeling emphasize more on the benefits or needs of the structure or company’s products and services.

WHO IS A MODEL: A model can be called a particular person whose role in a company is
either to advertise, promote, display the product and services of a company,a model can also
advertise commercial products or become a visual aid for customers.

To be your brand model or model for any structure or company there are 10 things you need to learn how to do

1. Executive Summary: in this (Executive summary) aspect,as your brand model you should be able to summarize your business plan or a company business plan in a few paragraph, which should be included with your mission statement, solution you bringing to the masses,you should also Know how to target your customers and also states what makes your brand products or company different from other competitors.

2. Problem and Solution: means you should be able to Describe the problem that your product
or service can solve. Emphasis more on your solution and what makes it unique, telling the
masses why your product and service remains the best.

3. Marketing Analysis: run a very deep research on your market target and This must include
customer needs, demographics and competitors. Then use your gathered information to explain
the opportunity for your product in the market.

4. Sales and marketing Strategy: make sure you detail your sales and marketing plan and should
include your target customers, pricing strategy, promotion, and distribution plans

5. Operations Plan: in this operation plan you should be able to Explain to your customers how you will operate your business or a company’s business in order for it to run successfully without facing any market crisis.

As a brand model your operation plan should be the number one criteria to be met in order to run your company perfectly well and This should also include staffing, product production, suppliers and logistics.

6. Financial Plan: before planning on been your brand model make to have Create a financial
budget and projections so as for you to be able to sustain yourself all through your advertisement, promotion, and This aspect should involve the sources of funding, revenue, projections, operating expenses, and profit margins, if not you might get tired of trying to figure how to fix it and probably run out off track which will not be good for your company reputation and it would be counted as failure.

7. Management Team and Personnel: as your brand model, you have to organize a
management team and some personal stuff, a team that would be able to organize and manage
you , your management team and key personnel should be officially introduced, Don’t forget to
Describe their roles, qualifications, and make sure they are well experience in what they do at
list it would add more value to your brand.

8. Milestones and Metrics: before setting up to be your brand model, make sure you have set a
specific goals to target on, make sure you have the milestones for your business well planned
out to serve as a proper guidelines in your plotting, don’t forget to describe how you will
measure your progress and success of your business.

9. Risks and Challenges: it’s always great to research, as questions from those who has been in the business before you,to know all about there up and down in the business, try as much as possible to Identify all the potential risks and challenges that you or your business may face.

Try to figure out how to tackle the risk, give yourself an assignment,to Explain how you will be able to mitigate all these risks and forfeit all the challenges that you might come across along the

10. Conclusion plan: right before you start modeling you brand primarily Summarize all your plan and also restate your mission and vision for your business. Have a watch word for your business. Explain why you believe you will succeed in your plans despite all odds and hits coming from your competitors, plan on how you will make an impact on your customers.

After all these tips, plans and analysis stated above,you still need some qualities that would help you represent your brand or company better.

As long as you want to keep pushing your brand and company forward you still need
Confidence to be able to face and talk to your Clients, every company needs a bold , fearless
and confident model who can sell a product convincingly.

If you’re not naturally confident build it now.
Stamina: As your brand model you still needs to be very fit and healthy, so you don’t break down
trying to fix yourself so you can work more better