Ilebaye Odiniya, the winner of Big Brother Naija’s ‘All Stars’ competition, has  thanked everyone for supporting her through all of the ups and downs in the house.

Despite having two strikes against her, the 22-year-old claimed that they were the ones who enabled her to win the reality TV competition.

Ilebaye said that even though she committed numerous mistakes, her fan base did not desert her in a video message to her followers she released on Twitter.

She expressed her eagerness to continue the adventure with her devoted followers

Ilebaye wrote: “I want to take a moment to convey my sincere gratitude to every single one of you who supported me, especially during those times when I faltered and revealed my flaws. I can’t express how much your votes, support, and belief in me mean to me.

I’ll keep putting in a lot of effort, take lessons from my mistakes, and try to improve myself. I won’t fail you, and I’ll take this chance to improve things and contribute to our planet.

Once more, I want to express my gratitude to BAYE TRYBE for being the inspiration for my journey and for having faith in me. Together, we’ll continue to grow, learn, and change the world.

Sincere thanks and humility, ILEBAYE