The state’s organized labor unions’ industrial action is to blame for the disruption of the energy supply throughout the entire state of Imo, according to the Enugu energy Distribution Company (EEDC).

This comes after Imo State workers’ union president, Joe Ajaero, was attacked and taken into custody for organizing a protest over claims of unpaid wages and rights breaches.

In a statement released on Thursday, Emeka Ezeh, the head of corporate communications at EEDC, said that the union’s actions caused the transmission station to lose power.

He expressed his wish for a speedy settlement while acknowledging the inconvenience the blackout is causing the people of Imolite.

Ezeh stated: “EEDC would like to notify its valued clients in Imo State that the current supply disruption is a result of the organized labor unions’ industrial action in Imo State.

As a result, the union closed the Egbu Transmission Station, our supply source, and we were left without any electricity to provide to our clients.