The Kano governor, Abba Kabir Yusuf, suffered a defeat in the State Governorship Election Petitions Tribunal, and the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) has accused Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, its presidential candidate for the 2023 election

The opposition party claimed that Kwankwaso betrayed the NNPP to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in exchange for a ministerial position in President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration.

The APC’s Nasir Gawuna was judged the winner of the March 18 governorship election by a three-person tribunal headed by Justice Oluyemi Akintan-Osadebay on Wednesday, removing Abba from office.

In response, a chieftain of the NNPP in the Southwest named Abass Akande Onilewura stated that the party’s defeat in Kano proved the anti-party charge brought against the presidential candidate.

Onilewura stated in a statement on Thursday that Kwankwaso did not adhere to the rules of procedure while choosing some of the party’s candidates for governorship, which allegedly resulted in the submission of unpopular or unsuitable flagbearers.

He continued, “This defeat is a significant one for us at NNPP and it was only made possible by Kwankwaso’s greed in selling the party to the highest bidder.

“While we are still awaiting the Certified True Copy of the tribunal decision, it is critical that the world understands that this would not have occurred if Kwankwaso had followed the rules and awarded the ticket to the candidate who was most qualified rather than his in-law.

“Our inquiry also revealed that Kwankwaso’s ongoing interaction with the APC provided space for them to eventually find loopholes that they then applied to the governor of Kano to ensure the opposition’s victory.

It’s terrible that some of us worked so hard to bring the party where it is now, just for someone like Kwankwaso to show up and undo all we’ve done. That individual was kicked out of this wonderful party, which makes us pleased.

We also want to utilize this opportunity to warn him to stay away from the NNPP because we don’t want our party to be betrayed and we will stop at nothing to protect it from hijackers who are more interested in their own financial gain.

A new leadership has taken over the party, and I will also urge our members all around the nation to maintain their composure because we will do everything in our power to restore the honor of our party. The NNPP will emerge as a powerful voice and opposition that would support equity, justice, and good governance.