Governor Yusuf stated that he was determined to continue the good job begun for the benefit of the residents of Kano State, viewing the judgment as a temporary roadblock.

He stated that the tribunal verdict won’t affect his morale even though the tribunal nullified the election.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with the tribunal’s verdict, saying that it made mistakes and applied the law incorrectly. He is still certain that the ruling will be overturned on appeal, including before the Supreme Court. He underlined the legitimacy of his election by claiming that Kano’s voters gave him resounding approval at the polls.

In light of this event, Governor Yusuf asked his supporters and Kano’s whole populace to uphold the law and be patient. He made it clear that the ruling does not mean that his administration will end immediately and that it will carry on with its duties. He reassured them that this decision is just a temporary setback and expressed his confidence that justice would ultimately be upheld by the nation’s highest court.