In order to control the excesses of their users, the National Broadcasting Commission has stated that it is collaborating with the biggest social media companies.

Francisca Aiyetan, Director of Broadcast Monitoring for NBC, made this claim on Friday when discussing the commission’s proposal to regulate social media with Daily Trust.

She claimed that  social media needs to be regulated, if not young people may be misled.

“Every nation is working to regulate social media, and Nigeria is working to do the same because we know there are many benefits to be gained from it. But if left unchecked, it could also serve as a vehicle for our children to be misled.

“At the level we’re at right now, we’re talking with stakeholders to get them to agree that, yes, social media has to be regulated. At that level, the law needs to be strengthened to account for all the new developments in broadcasting and content sharing.

“Then, when you have the authority and the legal authorization to do such things, we can now examine if we have the technological means to do it. However, as a regulator, we currently interact with Google YouTube, TikTok, and the platform owners to get to know the people behind these sites.