Portable is a very popular Nigerian music artist whose real name is Habeeb Okikiola from Ogun State, south west of Nigeria.

He was born on March 12th 1994. He came into limelight after the release of his single song “Zazoo Zeh” on December 21th 2021 which helped him became a household name for his fans and Nigeria at large.

His song Zazoo Zeh gave him a big publicity on all his social walls because he featured popular singer and artist Poco Lee & Olamide.

Portable has been into music for a long time but was never recognized in his career till the release of his single, Zazoo zeh that created a fan base for him and caused lots of his fans to say he is grace personified that’s why he just suddenly came into limelight.

All you have to understand about our upcoming or rising music artist is that he didn’t just start in one day but have been singing for years without being known by anyone till lock found him.

Aside from being a singer Habeeb Okikiola also know as Portable, is also a rapper and songwriter. Portable claimed Son Of Shaku Shaku and has finally become one of the fast ranked rising Artists in Nigeria.

Speaking of his journey in the music industry, he said it was Olamide the Nigeria Rap star that brought him to limelight, that is actually in a video he shared in his page on Instagram and TikTok some time ago.

He has really bagged lots of endorsement deals and has recently launched his brand drink “zazu drink”.

Portable’s lifestyle has changed entirely and ever since then he has been having lots of ups and downs.

The Controversial singer, popularly known as Portable whose real name is Habeeb Okikiola, has proclaimed that death is never his portion because no one is capable of killing God’s messenger. He said it alongside with Kwe master in a video he posted on his Instagram page on wednesday trying to narrate the accidents that crashed his car.

Since portable made it to limelight, a lot has been happening in his life that most of his fans might not be aware of. He has escaped another car accident and this happens to be the third time in 1 year and 5 months. In one of his now-viral videos, he showed his G-Wagon seen to be damaged beyond repair.

According to him, he said he was on his way to the studio on a rainy day when the accident happened. He gave thanks to God almighty for saving his life.

Portable said, I saw my death yet I am happy the accident did not steal my life from me. He left the car and said I still need my life cause he still have many other things to archive, they only destroyed the car but will never take my life because I am God’s messenger and Only God can say yes or no to my existence.

The rising artist said that music business is what he does and that through this business, he will double his success to buy a private jet and build a house in Osapa London in Lekki.

He also said that the people plotting evil towards killing him cannot get him because his life is hidden in God and that he has the blessings of the gods.

The Zeh master also bragged about buying another G-Wagon to replace the one he had an accident with. He said that the music hustle that bought him this car will definitely buy him more cars.

In a nutshell, he said “I am just starting and nothing will stop me, nobody can steal my life, since I bought this car people want to use their evil heart to destroy me.There plans were for the car I bought with my money to kill me but I wasn’t killed by the car”.

All his social media followers have increased so much since the release of his new single song. Currently he has over 2 million followers on Instagram, 143k followers on Facebook and 7.6k subscribers on YouTube