According to Femi Adesina, a former presidential spokesperson, ex-President Muhammadu Buhari expressed remorse that his administration might have done some things differently.

Adesina, who worked for Buhari from 2015 to 2023 as his special adviser on media and publicity, made the statement on Wednesday in Osogbo at a session titled “Media Dialogue with Femi Adesina” that was put on by the Association of Veteran Journalists in Osun State.

He revealed that he spoke with the recently outgoing president for two hours before he left office and asked him a variety of things.

The former presidential adviser claims that when he asked Buhari about his regrets during the interview, he said that he believed certain of the administration’s actions should have been handled more effectively.

Adesina defended parts of the administration’s policies, saying that while the naira redesign strategy put Nigerians through hardship, it wasn’t entirely a terrible one because it helped the nation experience a drop in crime.

He did not express Buhari’s regret, but he did add that “No living human being will not regret certain actions. I questioned the president about it, among other things.