Sulaimon Shekoni Solomon, better known by his stage name, Khaid, a star of Nigerian music, has stated his reasons why he converted from Islam to Christianity.

The singer of “Anabella” claimed he was raised in a mosque and was born to a Muslim father and a Christian mother.

Khaid asserts that his father forced him to attend the mosque when he was younger and that he eventually converted to Christianity because he disliked visiting there.

The 19-year-old said during a discussion that his parents gave him and his brothers the freedom to worship any religion they want.

Aside from his father, the singer also disclosed that his older sister and younger brother are Muslims, while the rest of his family are Christians.

My mother was a Christian and my father was a Muslim, I used to be a Muslim, Khaid stated. I therefore simply felt a stronger connection to Christianity.

“I truly never liked visiting the mosque from the beginning. My father made me. However, my parents had an open mind.