Three of the eight corps members who were abducted in Zamfara state have escaped and are back home safely according to Brig.-Gen. Yushau Ahmed, the Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

During a discussion with the House of Representatives Committee on Youths on Thursday, the NYSC director made this public.

One of the corp members who was shot by the bandits and then released is receiving medical care and is recovering, according to Ahmed.

The committee’s head, Martins Esin, had earlier expressed worry over the corps member’s kidnapping and asked for an update.

The DG responded and expressed optimism that the situation will be resolved quickly thanks to the combined efforts of the security services.

Getting the kidnapped people released was a difficulty for the relevant authorities, he continued, adding that they were working to better the information.

We can solve the matter fast once the information is accessible, he said.

“The security agencies’ cooperation would quickly resolve the situation,” “Once the information is out, everything will run smoothly.”

In addition, Ahmed responded to a query from Hon. Clement Jimboh (Akwa Ibom) regarding the requirement to supply buses for corps members for security reasons, noting that it might not be feasible for NYSC to provide buses. The budget would have to be allocated for it. As more preventative measures are implemented, we will succeed.

The DG stated that a raise in their allowances is being planned and will take effect when the new minimum wage is published as part of the Federal Government’s attempt to promote the welfare of corpers.

He urged the National Assembly to support the NYSC Trust Fund so that the program could empower corps members after the required one-year national service.

The committee demanded that the NYSC management visit corps member families to show them empathy and reaffirm the government’s commitment to rescuing their children from bandit dens.