1. Delay going to toilet

2. Eating too much salt

3. Eating too much meat

4. Injurious caffeine

5. Not drinking water

6. Late treatment

7. Family history of kidney disease.


1. Delay going to toilet: Do not stay pressed for a long time because keeping your urine in
your bladder without disposal for a long time is a risky idea. A full bladder can actually cause
serious damage in your bladder because the more the urine stays in your bladder the more
urine bacteria quickly multiplies.

Once the urine automatically goes back to the ureter and
kidneys, all toxic substances can result in kidney infections, then nephritis, even uremia and
urinary tract infections make sure you relieve yourself when nature calls.

2. Eating too much salt: salt is good because it makes our food taste great but despite that
salt is also not good to be consumed more than 5.8 grams a day, because too much of it is very
bad to the health and kidney.

3. Eating too much meat: Protein is Good is good in the body but too much protein in your diet can be disastrous and Injurious for your kidneys, the digestion of proteins produces ammonia – a toxin that is very harmful to your kidneys. More meat equals more kidney Injury.

4. Injurious caffeine: Caffeine is a product of many soft drinks and sodas which increases
your blood pressure and the kidneys start damaging . So it’s best advice,you reduce the
amount of minerals you consume a day.

5. Not drinking water: Kidneys should be hydrated properly everyday to perform their
functions well. If you don’t drink enough water every day, toxins will start pile up in the blood, as
there isn’t enough water to out Wash the toxins out of the kidneys, so drink more than 10 glasses of water daily because it’s the best way to flush toxins off your kidney and to examine if you are drinking enough water: watch the colour of your urine, the lighter the colour, the better for your health and kidney

6. Late treatment: Whenever you become sick without giving yourself proper treatment, you
create more complicated problems for yourself and health , which may also contribute to kidney
problems,so make sure you Treat all your health problems properly and also go to the hospital
to check out your health regularly

7. Family history of kidney disease: you might be surprised at these but it actually a true fact, for further explanation if in your family lineage, you have kidney disease, it like that it hereditary and would be affecting the family From leaving up to time, kidney disease in the family actually go from generation to generation In a nutshell If your parents have or had kidney disease, you may be prone to high risk of certain types of inherited kidney disease,we have more than 300 genetic disorders of the kidneys, of which many are very hard to avert, Sometimes it affects only the kidneys, while in some cases it affect other organs if the body without excluding the kidneys.

So Let Talk About The 7 Signs Of Kidney Problem

1. Chest pain, if fluid builds up around the lining of the heart.
2. High blood pressure (hypertension) that’s difficult to control
3. Dry, itchy skin
4. Shortness of breath, if fluid builds up in the lungs
5. Dizziness and fatigue
6. Change of urination
7. Swelling of feet and ankles


1. Permanently quit taking excess Agbo and herbal supplements, because it’s not a better drug for you, mind you they might not have a dose of consumption on the Agbo or herbal supplements.

2. Quit from bleaching your skin, most times what you actually apply on your skin and
thinks it doesn’t really count yet it always seeping through to your blood vessels.

3. Stop smoking, smoking is very dangerous to the health, smoking damages lots of organs in
the body and can also affect the kidney.

4. Always drink water and stay hydrated, it helps in flushing toxic bacteria from your kidney
there by preventing kidney stones and other kidney related diseases.

5. Stop drug abuse, sometimes you takes without doctors prescription, no guidelines which is not advisable, avoid drugs that are very dangerous to the health it’s risky especially drugs that contains phenyl propanol-Amide (PPA) It causes stroke and other related health issues.

Stop taking overdose because you wants it to be more effective and faster in healing ,it very bad and can cause more harm to your health, the best thing to do whenever you feel sick is to visit the hospital, meet your doctor and explain how feel he would give you a better prescription and
guidance you need while undergoing treatment.

6. Treat underlying hypertension and diabetes, whenever you notice a change in your body, make sure you visit the hospital , to check yourself, in case you have cases like hypertension or diabetes, make sure it is properly taking care of to avoid accumulation of such sickness because it cause kidney problem, make sure you focus on your health.

Always clean up your kidney and body system once in 3 months because day by day the years go by and our kidney eliminate salts, filters the blood, poison and all that is harmful in our body system, salt always pile up in the system and requires cleaning treatment or detoxification, and you ask how you can archive it or how can you do it well, all you have to do is take bunch of scent leaves wash it very well and then pieces it and pour some amount of clean water in a kettle or pot like 1 liter of water, add your scent leaves and boil for ten minutes, bring it down and allow it to cool A little then filter it into a clean bottle and refrigerate, drink one glass cup a day and you see that all salt,toxics and poison piled up in the kidney starts to appear when you urinate.