In order to more effectively combat drug usage and illicit drug trafficking, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has given national drug law enforcement agency chiefs in African nations a mandate.

The 31st conference of the Heads of National Drug Law Enforcement Agencies, Africa (HONLAF), which he opened in Abuja on Tuesday, was when he made the call.

In his keynote speech titled “Rising Above the Drug Threat,” the president angrily cautioned that until Africans are freed from the chains of the criminal enterprises of drug barons and syndicates of illicit narcotics, they will remain in chains.

At the ceremony, Tinubu, who was represented by Vice President Kashim Shettima, said that Africa was under attack from a danger that recognizes no boundaries of race, geography, gender, or social class.

He declared, “We will likely remain in slavery in a diseased and immoral society, as will our children and their children, unless we demolish the criminal enterprises that endanger our future and create a brighter tomorrow for all Africans.