Comedian: A comedian is an entertainer who is seen on stage or television and his/her primary aim is to make people/audience laugh.

In comedy, you could either be an entertainer or the entertained.

We Bring You the top 10 social media comedians  in Nigeria:

1. Lasisi Elenu : Nosa Afolabi as his real name implies is an intelligent social media comedian
and also a Nollywood actor, the way in which he switches his voice in his comedies make it
more powerful and unique.

Lasisi Elenu, came into limelight after releasing his skit where he assumed to be an angry person,
dropping the sentence “something just happened right now”. Mr Lasisi rants in his acts are

Lasisi without any uncertainty, is one of the best Instagram comedians Nigeria has produced.
His comedies is on the most-watch list of every Nigerian.

2. Sabalo : his real name is Timothy Obotuke, famously known as SirBalo, he was born in Warri, Delta State.

Sirbalo began with short comedy skits on his Instagram page at early 2018. His ability to
create and make people laugh earn him million of remarkable followers on his social media
platform with $600k net worth.

Sirbalo owns a very big expensive home worth millions of naira in Lagos, Nigeria. He owns some exotic cars which includes: Lexus Rx350 and Mercedes Benz

3. Oluwa dollar: Ogunleye Olamide Babatunde, famously known as Oluwadolarz is a renounced Instagram comedian who has really work out his success for years. He was born on 11th October 1994. Oluwa dollar have $400,000 estimated net worth.

Oluwa Dollar, in his journey has succeeded in gaining many endorsement deals for himself
not excluding Mayfair autos, 1XBet Nigeria and many more. Some of his cars are: Range Rover
sport, Mercedes Gle450 and a Lexus Gx460.

4. Mr macaroni : Debo Adedayo is a 30 old Instagram comedian who was born on may 3rd
1993. He is from Lagos State, Mr macaroni has million of followers on his social media pages
both on Instagram.

He is one of the best comedians Nigeria have got His words are always like “You are doing Fantabulously well ” he is the Mr Freaky Freaky in any of his comedy. He is also
among the richest Instagram comedian in Nigeria.
Macaroni studied theater art and graduated in 2012.

5. Sydney Talker: Sydney Erege is an intelligent comedian skit maker whose rise in the industry
is as a result of his creative hard work and consistency, watching his comedy skit will obviously make you laugh, Sydney was able to dictate and define his passion for comedy and he have definitely earned a great name for himself.

Today he has millions of followers on his walls thou he now has a record label yet he still very good in comedy,his skit always rely on relationship matters. He came to limelight in 2016.

6. Maraji: her real name is Gloria Olorunto is a beautiful actress under the line of comedy, she
has been a skits maker since 2015/2016, miraji is a wife and a mother of a handsome boy,
Jayden, she is best known for her hilarious skit which demonstrates the scenario of a Nigerian
home due to her experience while growing up she is very good in her Craft.

Maraji is recently one of the most regarded and respected skit makers in Nigeria and Africa
at large. She has a solid creative skit and her acting is very unique.

7. Mr Funny : popularly known as sabinus but his real name is Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu. He happen to be the most funniest Instagram comedian and famous Nigerian sabinus owns an expensive home in Lagos, Nigeria.

Without misquoting that Sabinus has really established and earned every good life for himself in the entertainment industry for some years now Over the past few years. His hard work and consistency in comedy has place him higher than his equals. In 2021 he won the online content creator award and AMVCA Award because of his creativity and hard works.

He has a luxury mansion which has his name written inside his pool in Lagos, he is a very creative social media content creator.

8. Taaooma: her real name is Apaokagi Maryam. She is a 22 years social media content creator with millions of followers on her social media walls, she is the true definition of what a man can archive woman can equally archive as well.

She started her career in comedy in the 2019, she was raised in Namibia but she is a Nigerian. At age 10, she returned to Nigeria to continue her education and graduated from the university of kwara state.
Taaooma comedy prostrates on African mothers and their children, she is the screen
goddess in terms of comedy.

9. Broda Shaggy : Samuel Animashaun Perry is his real name. born on 6th July 1993, a 31 years
old comedian, social media content creator and was born in Lagos.

Samuel Animashaun Perry is not just a social media comedian but also a musician and actor,
shaggy started his career journey when he was still in the university, then he normally perform at school events. He came to limelight through one of his skit (Jesus appeared in mushin ) Shaggy
is one of the most followed online social media content creator and also the highest earner in
online comedy.

10. Brain Jotter: Chukwuemeka Amuzie is his real name, a creative, unique, intelligent social
media comedian,He is one of the most funniest Instagram comedians out there who is still
doing very well to give us something unique, he has millions of followers around the globe