Adegoke Akinleye and Adediran Adewole were sentenced to prison by a magistrates court in the capital city of ogun state Abeokuta for stealing 404 pieces of catfish from their employer Ibukun Sanusi.

The defendants, who are former employees of a farm in IIewo Abeokuta were charged on two counts of misdemeanors and for stealing catfish Worth N606,000 on Wednesday. Justice O.O. Odumosu then delivered the sentence

For the first count, she gave each of the two accused offenders a six-month sentence and a one-year sentence, respectively.

However, Odumosu gave the convicts the option of paying a fine of N10,000 apiece for each jail term if they could return the N606,000 to the original owner of the money.

Olakunle Shonibare, the prosecutor, had informed the court that the crimes committed on January 24, 2023 violated Sections 516[1] and 382[2] of the Ogun State Criminal Code Laws.

The accusation stated; “that you conspired to commit a felony and violated Section 516[1] of the Criminal Laws of Ogun State on January 24, 2023 at Abidelep Farm and Agro-Service Limited, Ilewo, Orile, Abeokuta in the magisterial district along with Akinleye Adegoke, Adewole Adediran, and others still at large”.

That “you have carried out a criminal offence against the law of Ogun State, an offence that leads to penalties under the section 382 [2] of the criminal code laws of Ogun State because a total number of 404 pieces of of Catfishes that worths the total sum of N606,000 which belongs to Mrs Ibukun Sanusi were confirmed stollen at thesame time and thesame day by you, Adewole Adediran, Akinleye Adegoke and others”.